Monday, February 8, 2010

Jon Stewart Puts Bill O'Reilly and Fox News in their Place

Could Bill O'Reilly have looked more uncomfortable than when he had Jon Stewart on his show last week. No wonder Fox News edited the video, but it's all her for you to see. It had to really eat O'Reilly up that he was unable to just dismiss Stewart like he does to so many other guests on his show that he disagrees with. O'Reilly couldn’t even defend his own positions, which isn’t surprising on Fox News who seem to have a problem with presenting facts all the time. The bile they spout every day is almost laughable, but there are a number of people that take this network seriously, and Fox News does it on the backs of the people they supposedly speak for. However, hats off to Jon Stewart for putting O'Reilly, and Fox News in their place. More people should start to take note of this before they vote for another candidate backed by Fox News, but that might be asking too much.

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