Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What Happened to the Rule of Law?

Not living in Arizona I can only imagine what’s going on there, and from what I’ve seen on the media, it looks pretty bad, but I don’t think more laws is the way to go when the current laws are not being enforced. Even if the new AZ law is ruled constitutional, and that’s a big if, AZ doesn’t have the money or the manpower to enforce the law.

Real immigration reform will be no easy task, and that’s why both Republicans and Democrats are afraid to touch it. However, I think the new AZ law will force both political parties to get real immigration reform on the table and get it there fast.

Let’s not forget about Mexico’s part in this whole fiasco. We are subsiding their government’s mistreatment of their own people, and it’s time for the Mexican government to start making Mexico a better place for everyone.

True immigration reform will only happen when both political parties get off their butts and make it happen, the Federal government starts enforcing the law, Mexico starts caring for it’s people, companies stop hiring illegal immigrants, and the US limits it’s demand for illegal drugs.

Even with all our problems and we have our share of them, I am an American and very proud of it.

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