Sunday, July 18, 2010

Republican Hypocrisy

It’s not about blaming Bush but rather reminding people what he left for the Obama Administration to clean up, not to mention losing 2.8 million jobs in Bush’s last four months in office. Bush had the worst track record on creating jobs since the government began keeping records. See link:

Both Bush and Obama spent trillions of dollars, some necessary some not, which is always open for debate. See link: However, where was the outrage when Bush and the GOP were spending trillions of dollars, and let’s not even get into the Iraq war which should have never happened, which by the way has added 733 billion dollars and counting to the national debt. See link:

The Obama Administration is leading, some people may not like what they are doing but at least they are trying, unlike the GOP who was against working with Obama before he was sworn in. See link:

The GOP has done nothing but stand in the way for the past 18 months and that’s not governing. Filibusters have skyrocketed under them, and they were sent to Washington to do the people’s work, not bitch, moan and complain like children. See link: However, they were more concerned with a strategy that would hurt Obama so they can have a better chance at taking over in November, but in the process, the American people are getting screwed. The GOP is not only against the unemployment extension, which Americans in poll after poll say they want passed, but they have contempt for the unemployed, bailing on millions of them and their families. With 5 unemployed jobseekers for every one job opening, the GOP complaints that people are lazy and they don’t want to add to the deficit is ludicrous--never before has unemployment above 7.2 percent not been seen as emergency spending which doesn’t require to be offset. See link:

Both Republicans and Democrats share in the blame, but it’s the Republicans who have chosen not to govern for their own blind ambition.

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